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Argent is a fictional motor vehicle corporation based out of Instagram, and is a part of #riseupcarcompanies, a branch of #riseupcars, which is a community that consists of many fake car companies.

Argent designs and builds luxury vehicles as well as performance vehicles. Founded in March of 2004, Argent released their first vehicle in 2014, ten years after being founded. Much of this ten years was used to develop engines, vehicles and set up a dealership network.

History Edit

Argent Motor Corporation dates back to 1943, then known as Argent Motor Company or Argent MC for short, building aircraft engines for the United States in WWII. After struggling to stay profitable after the war, Argent MC went to the automotive industry and created the Cortvelle marque. Cortvelle was to be an entry-level, mainstream brand competing with other brands such as Chevrolet, Ford, and Plymouth. Cortvelle released their first vehicle in 1958. Argent MC then announced a new marque, Vectre to compete in the upper markets such as Pontiac and Dodge in 1960. The plan was to create a ladder on marques within Argent MC to keep customers within the company, structured after General Motor's brand hierarchy. Argent MC was then incorporated as a corporation in 1967. The Argent marque was founded in 2004 to compete in the luxury market against Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Anueis, Audi, BMW, and Lincoln.

Argent (Marque) History Edit

Argent Motor Co. was founded in 2004, and was inspired by a growing popularity of online fake car companies. The founder had previously been designing cars before finding the community and joined when an opportunity presented itself.

Argent initially planned to release their first vehicle, the Clifton, in 2010, however, the 2008 financial crisis delayed these plans as there was a lack of funding. After a decade of preparations, the company released the 2014 Clifton and then followed with the 2015 Montclair.

Vectre Edit

Vectre is an American automotive division of Argent Motor Corporation created in 1963, and was originally conceived as a mid-tier brand. However, by the time it debuted, it was dubbed the performance division, competing directly with Dodge and Pontiac.

Cortvelle Edit

Cortvelle is an American automotive division of Argent Motor Corporation. For the entirety of its existence, it has produced mainstream, mass produced vehicles for the general public competing with brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, Plymouth, and Dodge. It was founded in 1960, and introduced then Argent Motor Company into the automotive industry.

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